Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Weekend to Remember!!

Hello all,

Just thought I would pop online since it has been quite some time since I have blogged. Really need to get my act in gear and "just do it" as Nike states!

This weekend has been absolutely memorable and fun lovin!! Friday had a wonderful time at Achiver's getting crafty with my fellow crafty peeps, Amy, Cricket and Tracy and the ever famous "Mom" (love that woman!!!) ! May not have accomplished a whole heck of a lot, but quality time with friends is what matters most!! I was proud of myself too since my total spending spree was under $20 bucks...that is a first and hopefully not a last!! Saturday on the other hand got a little out of control. Went with Tracy, Jackie, and Cricket to Craft Fancy for a make-and-take extravaganza! It was really fun and messy!! I think I was the only one to get the distressed ink all over my hands and on other areas of the card where it was not meant to be...oh well, Tracy tells me that is a good thing and looks more vintage :) Thanks Tracy for making me feel better about my messy paws!!! Despite the extra ink, the card turned out surprisingly well. Thanks to much positive commentary about Copic markers and the awesome sale, I finally started my Copic collection. I am excited...broke, but excited, ha, ha!! I look forward to getting dangeriously crafty with these fantastic markers shortly! Love the unique Crafty Secrets line that I was also introduced to today! Not your usual run of the mill stamps...Love em!!!

After a fun filled craft and shopping "adventure" as we gals liked to call it we went to the Olive Garden for some comfort food...still full!!! Walked out of the restaurant feeling like a stuffed tick, but oh so worth the yummy goodness and extra calories :)

I promise eventually I will get some of my creations posted to my blog...until then, be well and enjoy your scrappy moments :)


  1. 'feeling like a stuffed tick' - new one on me and just brilliant.This is real cheeky of me, but i see you like soaps - as well as the serious scrapping - so thought you might like to take a look at a soap blog. The story is updated daily - page not dissimilar to yours!!
    Best wishes,

  2. Glad you gals had a good time! That's really what this hobby is all about! : )

  3. That was an awesome time wasn't it!! Just reading your post helped me to re-live it all over again and get that "happy feeling"!! I can't wait till tomorrow too because we will have some crafty fun again!!